About PuzzlePicnic

PuzzlePicnic originated from the wish to create an online community for those who like logic puzzles. Besides providing the opportunity to solve some nice puzzles from our collection and relax, we also want to become a platform for people who like to design their own puzzles and get them published online.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please visit our forum, or send an e-mail to PuzzlePicnic.com@gmail.com.


The PuzzlePicnic crew currently consists of the following people.

Johan de Ruiter
Johan, the mental father of the project, is the creative mind of the team. He has had an interest for logical puzzles ever since his childhood. He has participated six times in the Dutch National Puzzle Championships, with his best rank being 22nd. His cogwheels puzzles appear regularly in Breinbrekers, the standard magazine for logical puzzle fans in the Netherlands, and one of his puzzles featured on the World Puzzle Championships, when this event was hosted by the Netherlands in 2003. In 2007 and 2008, he became Dutch programming champion.

Maarten Löffler
Maarten is a computer scientist who also graduated in mathematics, connected to Utrecht University. As soon as in his second year of highschool he became the runner-up in a national mathematics competition and in 2006 he made it onto the Dutch delegation for the World Puzzle Championships for the 2nd time. Next to solving puzzles, playing boardgames is an essential part of his daily routine.

Thierry de Kok
Thierry was pulled onto the team to handle the more technical aspects. Only five years after his first hesitant contact with the world of programming, in 2005 he made it into the North Western European Programming Contest, a preliminary round of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, where he secured a 10th place with a team of three programmers.

Special thanks goes to Thijs van Ommen for his testing, advice, and early judge work. We also thank our current judges Bram, connect4, Murat, Eranus, apollo1001, edderiofer and fl0rrat for their time and enthusiasm. Finally, thanks to everyone who submitted a puzzle here or who comes here to solve them, for making PuzzlePicnic a success!

Third Party Software

PuzzlePicnic uses JForum and overLIB technology. Many thanks to the developers for their great work!