Puzzle Studio

It is possible to design your own puzzles in the genres supported by PuzzlePicnic. No specific computer programming knowledge is necessary, just follow our five-step process and well guide your through with helpful comments.

Here are the basic rules for user-contributed puzzles to PuzzlePicnic:

  • All puzzles must be original contributions. Submissions may not be copies of puzzles published elsewhere. If we find that youve copied a puzzle from elsewhere, we will remove it and take action to prevent against further infringement. Likewise, if we find your puzzles have been copied, we will alert you and fight for your rights.
  • All puzzles must have a single, unique solution. Puzzles should not have multiple solutions. Note that it will take more effort to create a puzzle that has a unique solution than it does to solve a puzzle.
  • All submissions will be verified before publication. You puzzles will be reviewed by at least one moderator, who may recommend changes in order to ensure that a puzzle follows all established rules, is fun to play, and matches its specified difficulty. Final publication may be an iterative process.

To make your own puzzles, you need to be logged in. If you dont have a PuzzlePicnic account yet, sign up!