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After you go to the Puzzlephil site click the "Play Online" button and then "Kuhweide" to play the Cows puzzles.
This is a logic puzzle I found at the Puzzlephil site. It appears under the name "Kuhweide," which translates to cows. There is a square grid in which some of the squares contain cows. The grid must be divided into square-shaped regions, and each region must contain one and only one cow. No regions can be empty or contain 2 or more cows. The challenge is thus to correctly divide up the grid in square regions with one cow each. This looks similar to Shikaku puzzles, where you create rectangular regions according to the given numbers. Here is the link:

Here's a daily puzzle that is very much like Spokes. This puzzle is called "Rohre" and it's at the Puzzlephil site. Rohre is a German word meaning "pipe."

Here's the link: puzzlephil.com/play/daily-puzzles/
Nicely done!
You are right. These are very similar to Kropki, the only difference being that dots that represent multiplication by 2 aren't used here. The size 7, 8, and 9 puzzles can be challenging and require a lot of patience.
A Renzoku puzzle is very much like Consecutive Sudoku. A renzoku puzzle uses a square grid, and each row and column must contain the numbers from 1 to the highest number once and only once. Black dots appear in between some squares. A black dot means those 2 numbers must be consecutive, When there is NO black dot between 2 squares then these squares CANNOT contain consecutive numbers. Here is the link to renzoku puzzles:


After reading my previous posts about Stitches logic puzzles I realize I need to add other points about these puzzles. The grid is divided into regions called "blocks." Each block to must be connected to the adjacent blocks by stitches. Also, there can only be one stitch linking 2 blocks. Two holes that are horizontally or vertically adjacent and part of the same block cannot be linked by a stitch. You'll notice that some squares cannot have holes for this reason, and thus those squares must be marked empty with X's.
Here is the full link to the Stitches Puzzle site:

I've found a new kind of logic puzzle called "Stitches." The basic idea here is that you start out with a square grid. The edge information numbers at the sides tell you how many "holes" must appear in each row and column. These holes are linked with small lines called stitches. Each hole is linked to an adjacent hole, either horizontally or vertically. Squares that will remain empty are marked with X's. The object of a stitches puzzle is to correctly place each hole and the "threads,' or lines that link adjacent holes.

You can play stitches puzzles at this site: puzzle-stitches.com

I've also seen Youtube video links that give tutorials on how to solve Stitches puzzles. You can find these by entering "stitches tutorial solving a puzzle" at the Youtube home page.

Please feel free to share your comments. Certainly Stitches is a fascinating and intriguing puzzle.
It's been since last fall that the Croco Puzzle site disappeared and is no more. I liked Croco Puzzle -- it had very nice puzzles such as Pentopia, Compass, House-Tree-Animal (Haus-Baum-Tier in German), ABC Box, Chatroom, and many more, if anyone anything about what happened to their site please feel free to share the information. Thanks!
This suggestion is from a type that I've seen at the Puzzlephil site. This puzzle is called "hikaku" (the name used at Puzzlephil). It's very similar to futoshiki and greater than sudoku. You have a square grid, like a Latin square, and some of the borders between horizontally and vertically squares have indentations or "notches." These represent the inequality symbols for less than (< and greater than (>. A notch always points from a larger to a smaller number. The difference between these and greater than sudoku puzzles is that there are no 3 x 3, 9-square boxes, so they're basically Latin squares with inequality symbols added. Let me know what you think of this idea. Here's the link to the Puzzlephil site

I noticed in the past few weeks that Grades puzzles have been added at the Otto Janko site. I'd love to see more Grades puzzles added here! Thanks!
I just wanted to say that I hope the scheduling mechanism gets fixed soon. We haven't any puzzles since August 1st. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Thanks wernie_de. I'll accept your offer. Usually I can get these, sometimes I have to resort to trial-and-error, but other times I can a test a possibility of A or B, and if A leads to a contradiction then B is the correct choice. I've used this method when solving Hamilton Mazes. I've noticed Disconnect Four puzzles are different from Tic-Tac logic. Those puzzles require a certain number of X's and O's in each line. Someday someone should publish a puzzle book with a wide variety of puzzles similar to Johan's fine Hamilton Mazes book. My neighbor Michelle (a real sweet lady) loves solving Hamilton mazes!
I find myself needing help with some of the Disconnect Four puzzles. I go through the puzzle carefully, making sure to avoid 4 +'s or 4 O's in a row. At some points where it's uncertain which symbol should be used I'm usually able to test each possibility. For example, if an O is placed an "uncertain" square and that winds up leading to an illegal 4-in-a-row then the square in question must contain a +. When I check the answer I'm still getting "solution is in correct" message. If someone could point out what's going on here that would help. Thanks!
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