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It's solvable, assuming it's a 1,1, and that apparently was the intended solution.
Well it is quite confusing, especially if you haven't solved similar constructions before. Nonetheless, once you realise what the clues mean, it's a good solve.
And now we have it. Thanks guys, this makes solving a much better experience.
I didn't catch on either, nice touch, Bram.
And Forseti, good one
That's what I got as well, it seems to be an alternative solution. The intended one is quite different. Spoiler: [The point where the solving path splits is that the size 4 ship can only be in either the first or third row from the bottom and has the numbers 0123 - depending on where you place it (and here I made a guess) you get two different solutions.]
Oh, right, I completely forgot about the "ONLY if" part of the rule. It's a wonder I got that far
Number: Puzzle #1867
Genre: Kropki
Author: connect4
Appeared at: May 22, 2010

Am I mistaken or is this also a valid solution:


It seems to me another white circle at the bottom left would fix it.
Wow, you're right, I admired the symmetry, but I hadn't noticed that, well done! It was a fun solve too.

Maarten wrote:

rantash wrote:

Left click should be for separation, not connection.

Personally, I think it is more consistent to have the numbers and connectors both on the same (left) mouse button, since they are both "positive" elements, while the separator is a "negative" element.

I agree with Maarten here, it's more logical the way it is.

On another note, I'm not very used to seeing the solution to a fillomino with filled-in cells and white numbers. I'm not sure whether that affects my solving, though.
Well I can't quite make out the picture but the solving path was very enjoyable and I'd say easier than the other 3-star Tapa puzzles, where I had to resort to trial and error.
Is it me or is the center area missing a couple of thicker lines? They may have been left out for aesthetic purposes but I'm having trouble solving it this way.
Number: Puzzle #1613
Genre: Sudoku
Author: valvino
Appeared at: December 7, 2009
Well it gave me a run for my money, I would definitely give it more than two stars.
I meant more direct variations on sudoku like Samurai, Killer, X, Consecutive, etc. Or perhaps even Battleship Sudoku
Thanks guys, and thank you for the e-mail, Johan. I haven't solved them all yet but it does indeed make it easier, I hope others find it useful too
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