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Thank you! The puzzle has been withdrawn to fix the solution.
I don't know anything behind the scenes, but at the very least, I just released a puzzle manually, and will try to remember to do so once a day until the issue is fixed.

So expect the stream to slowly start back up.
Were you solving via logic or guessing/intuition? I went back to resolve, and hit the same wall that the other judge hit when they asked for the rating. It's certainly possible there's a logical path I'm missing here, but at the moment, I'm looking at bifurcation required to make progress.

brecher92 wrote:
Oh, weird, I never noticed that before. Or I read it as "at least two numbers" and disregarded it.

In any case, I don't think I've seen that rule with other Kenkens or Tomtoms. 

That rule is standard with any Kenken; they limit subtraction/division to 2 cells. TomToms specifically state that you can do what you suggested.
Very cool. I'm not usually a fan of the letter substituted variants of this, but the end result is definitely a blast.
I'd forgotten about that one. Thanks!
From my understanding, that middle row platform on the left is the problem. Long story short, the right end of that platform is supported by the bottom platform underneath it. The left end of the platform below it is supported... by the middle platform. Therefore, you've got an instability that doesn't work.

My explanation probably doesn't make a ton of sense, and I'm not somewhere right now where I can post pics, but that's the gist of this one.
I'm thinking it was added for aesthetic symmetry, as all given squares are matched if you rotate the puzzle 180 degrees.
Thanks! The puzzle has been retracted, and will come back out when it's fixed!
I just tried to solve and got the solution unique. What was the alternative solution you think you've found?

PuzzleScott wrote:
This puzzle seems to be missing something. I've found 3 solutions. One alternate: in the "Reveal" solution, move the light in the top row straight down to the bottom row. 

Assuming I'm not missing something, how then does the puzzle light the square under the right 0 in the top row?
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