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Once I found the opening (at R11C9), it flowed very linearly and didn't require any guess-and-check. Nice and smooth puzzle, but 4* is way overrated to me.
Number: Puzzle #2441
Genre: Hitori
Author: ruluhulu
Appeared at: January 12, 2011
I think it's not a 4*. It becomes a lot easier when you realize that (spoiler) 7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15=99 (the total area of the puzzle), so equal numbers have to go in the same region and no regions without clues can exist.

Still, very brilliant puzzle. Good job, Valezius!
Number: Puzzle #2379
Genre: Fillomino
Author: Valezius
Appeared at: December 6, 2010
I was having the same problem, so I revealed the solution and it turned out the solution is incorrect (two fish are connected to each other, as well as two question marks).
In Heterocut and Neighbours puzzles, right-clicking makes an X appear between the dots.
While solving a puzzle, I find it quite difficult to tell what cells are in the same region, so I think having "connectors" instead of the X's (as in Seethrough puzzles) would simplify the solving process. What do you think?
Thank you all! Glad you liked it.
Could be more difficult.

The reasoning to follow is this: the snake(s) has to be 1x25 or 5x5 or 25x1. After a few tries you can easily exclude the 1x25 and 25x1 options, leaving 5x5 the only possible option.

Can anyone build a more difficult puzzle on the same idea?
You're missing this: two cogwheels are connected only if the central squares of their sides are adjacent.

So the big 5x5 cog is not connected with the small one in the 4th row; if you remove the small cog in the 6th row, you'll have two separate groups of cogs, thus making your solution incorrect.

(Hope my English is correct... )

Thank you!
Thank you!
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