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Messages posted by: Danny
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Great stuff! Many thanks for this update and for your continuous work on what is possibly the best free puzzle site on the internet. I can't wait for the drag feature!
These are pretty awesome! I thought it was just the numbers (and even those were great). I never noticed the +,-, and = signs.

Now I gotta solve them all in order.
Number: Puzzle #4500
Genre: Mosaic
Author: fl0rrat
Appeared at: August 11, 2014

Heh. It took me a while to figure out why my solution is not being accepted...

Heh, I was very confused until I reread the rules about black boxes...
Both of the twin puzzles are beautiful. Intuition seemed to work better for them than a logical approach. I would love to see similar twin puzzles in the future.
What input device do you use? It used to happen to me when I was using a touchpad but once I plugged in a mouse, this stopped being a problem.
Number: Puzzle #4120
Genre: Star Battle
Author: nyancharov
Appeared at: March 13, 2014

I always struggle with Star Battle puzzles with 1 or 2 stars in a row/column. I have no idea why but these puzzles with 3 stars in a row/column feel much smoother and the general flow is easier to follow. This one was hard but I knew what to do and solving it felt good. (I was praying the whole time that I didn't make any mistake.) Really nice puzzle, thanks Nyancharov!
I very much enjoyed Melon's Multi-Ouroboros, Numerical Stairs and all the Slitherlink (Fences) variations:

In-Out Slitherlink
And liar Slitherlink (Exactly one clue in each row and column is false. Which clues are lying is up to you to determine.)
Number: Puzzle #3903
Genre: Fences
Author: Veronika
Appeared at: February 24, 2014

That was one tough nut to crack. Really challenging and beautiful!
Great job on making a sudoku with a minimal possible number of clues! It was very interesting though I had to resort to a lot of guesswork. I think I was missing something because it felt significantly harder than the few 4/5 star sudoku puzzles I did earlier.
Number: Puzzle #1624
Genre: Sudoku
Author: Bram
Appeared at: January 8, 2010

anurag.sahay wrote:
I like the endgame in the bottom-left. 

Endgame? Bottom left is where I started then I worked my way clockwise so I ended in the bottom right...
Heh, this is a funny one. Ten islands, each of size ten... At first it looked somewhat intimidating but the flow is very smooth. Nice job!
Number: Puzzle #2989
Genre: Stream Islands
Author: cha
Appeared at: September 20, 2011

Bram wrote:
I think it's not very hard. Especially considering the B/E division over the top and bottom half. It's just different than the normal puzzles and makes you change you normal approach to these puzzles. This usually makes it feel harder. 

I didn't notice this one when I was solving it earlier and it felt much harder than a 2 star puzzle. When I tried it now with this hint the whole flow was very smooth and it was fun to solve. Thanks.
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