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Loops aren't allowed. As mentioned, that would break the no touching rule.

I seem to now be able to properly copy and paste all japanese characters from the Naoki Inaba site. I'm not sure if this is the case for you too. There seem to also be some english rules from the Naoki-Project on Logic Masters Deutschland added to some of the puzzles.
I'm not sure how to do that. I've been mostly just figuring out the rules through understanding the example pictures and then confirming by solving the puzzles. It doesn't always work, but most of the times I can figure them out.

I've translated some of the rules into English for posting my own puzzles from his types on my blog. You can fin them under the Naoki tag: http://puzzleparasite.blogspot.nl/search/label/Naoki

Some other sources with his puzzle types in english, but none of them cover them all:


Places where puzzles not yet published are stored. When you create a puzzle, you send it to the vestibule to be judged. When it's judged correctly, it's sent to the silo waiting to be published. When you don't want your puzzle to be judged yet, you can store it in the sandbox.
On the links I have no comments as I have nothing to with that part.

The stats shows all puzzles, which I hadn't realised was true. The reason there are so many extra puzzles is for various reason. Part of the reason is that it counts everything in the silos and vestibule. This includes sudoku variant rules that are unsupported but people still made. It also includes puzzles in the vestibule that were not unique and never adjusted and puzzles that were incorrectly submitted in the applet and never adjusted. I think it also counts puzzles in the sandbox, which are puzzles created but never sent up for verification. This racks up the puzzle count. I thought this total puzzle count was only visible to the judges though.
I might be missing something simple then, as I still don't see the way to simply get there.
Yeah, that's the main realisation you need to have to start these puzzles.
In Breinbrekers there have been large puzzles. The larges was I think 2 10x10 puzzles. One used A~G and the other A~F. These used standard "First Seen" clues.
I think 15x15 with 14 letters will be impossible to acchieve, using standard "First Seen" clues. Because you only have a maximum of 60 clues, which only affect the outside 2 rows and column on each side. So in my mind it would be impossible for the outside clues to be placed in such a way that the middle would resolve uniquely.
It might be possible to make them when using "Nth seen" clues, so you can also affect the middle and make that unique.
Or it might be possible using a smaller letter set. Because the smaller the letter set, the more empty squares there are. This means that outside clues have a far longer reach in the grid.
I had no access either.
If you go to your profile, there's an edit profile link in the right bottom. The at the bottom there's a list of "Preferences", which you can select. One of them is to make the puzzle sizes larger.
They are not always harder. Those puzzles generally only have areas larger than 1 cell. This means you are more often looking for interactions between multiple rows or columns.

I've seen them in Breinbrekers. I'm not sure if they are posted online much. The only ones I know of are made by Naoki Inaba.


Bizkit wrote:
I would like to see Campixu be implemented. Here are the rules and here are some interactive examples

I'm familiar with Campixu, just not completely this way. I feel it has a rule too many. The puzzles I have seen, just have one number on the outside, which indicates how many squares are coloured. I feel the addition of the amount of sections there are, is unnecessary.
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