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Full Disclosure: Disconnect-4 puzzles are one of my favorite genres on the site.

After completing this puzzle, I'd say it's worthy of being the first 4-star Disconnect-4 Puzzle on the site. By their very nature, Disconnect-4 puzzles are not that difficult: Every cell is either an X or an O, so the number of scenarios we can consider is always just 2 options.
That said, due to the size, it is sometimes difficult to spot where the next known value is. As you get closer to the end, of course it becomes easier as the number of empty cells to examine decreases as well.

Ruluhulu was exactly correct, I had exactly 26 open squares left when I had to place my first "guess". But the one I chose was able to reveal the rest of the puzzle without further prodding.

Is it as difficult as all 4-star puzzles of other genres? No, and it could be argued that it's on par with some 2-star puzzles of those genres.
But it is more difficult than the 3-star Disconnect-4 puzzles, and I believe this one has well earned its place as the first 4-star puzzle of the genre.


Jama, thank you for continuing to contribute new entries to my guilty pleasure. Disconnect-4 puzzles are ones I find especially relaxing to complete, and over the years and gone back through re-solving all the puzzles in the genre more times than I want to admit. The new additions that have been popping up recently have been a welcomed new experience, and I hope you can continue to produce ones with the same quality as this one.
Congratulations on producing the first Disconnect-4 puzzle to be awarded a 4-star difficulty by the judges.
A decade ago today I found Puzzle Picnic and registered on this site. Most likely while looking for Sudoku puzzles to complete during my college days.
Since then, I've found so many wonderful new genres of puzzles. It has definitely kept me coming back year after year.

Thank you, Puzzle Picnic, for a decade worth of puzzles. One day I'll solve them all.
At least, maybe in the genres that interest me.

Here's hoping it stays active another decade!
Any chance of additional volunteers being accepted into the sites' staff?
I'm sure some of the intelligent puzzlers frequenting PP might have the know-how to help update and maintain it. If there's still an admin around who is able to welcome them into the role.
Has this ever happened before?
I don't recall running across a puzzle on PP with multiple solutions before. (With only one being accepted by the site as "Correct".)

HappyDog wrote:
I see what you're suggesting. Erasers that work as usual but only delete one colour would definitely be useful, but for me a 'clear all of colour X' button would be the more useful of the two.

That actually was not what I was suggesting at all, but I like the idea of it as well! It would also wrap into the layout of the high-definition mock-up seamlessly.

Again, the suggestion is:
Select the colored eraser, then click on the "Clear" button to have only drawings of that color erased (leaving the other colors untouched). Clicking on "Clear" without a colored eraser selected would clear the whole puzzle, as per usual.

Making the colored erasers work at the same time as a usual eraser, but only for the matching color, would be added functionality and convenience without changing the original premise. I'm officially adding that to my suggestion! :3
I also find at least two.

I found the intended one first, but after this post I looked further and also found this one:

Is there anything wrong with this solution? Or is this the 2nd one everyone else is finding as well?
I like that idea! Though I can just as easily see myself accidentally clearing out a color when using the eraser because I forgot to toggle it off before trying to switch back to blue.

Just a quick clarification: I was not suggesting the colored erasers clear out the associated color automatically, rather that they change the functionality of the "Clear" button to only affect the selected eraser color when one is selected. Serving as a confirmation button of sorts.
Perhaps the Clear button could be adapted as well. Defaulting to "Clear All", and changing to "Clear [Color name]" once the [matching Color] Eraser is selected.

Will be interesting to see how this gets implemented if anyone ever takes up the mantle for it.
I realize there may not be much attention to the site, but wanted to share my love in case that helps rekindles someone's passion for this lovely picnic.

Since I couldn't attach the image, I'll post a link to a free host of it here:
"Highly Professional Artist Rendition of one possible implementation." - Isfan, 2020

My general idea is you click the colored eraser underneath the matching color, then you can click "Clear" to erase just the drawings of that color instead of the whole puzzle.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on it, HappyDog. Does this still look too cluttered from what you had in mind?
(Or just a new button "Clear Color" which acts on only the active color was my 2nd idea on it)
I noticed something today as I was logging back in after overnight inactivity: The puzzle counts don't always seem to match.

I was working on Hamilton Maze genre, and after completing one I had open from last night I saw:
"There are 217 Hamilton Maze puzzles, and you solved 209 of them."
Going to the next puzzle, I was of course logged out. This is the puzzle count when not signed in:
"There are 214 Hamilton Maze puzzles."

Is it not tallying the total number of puzzles correctly in one case? Or perhaps there are member exclusive puzzles I was unaware existed, as I tend to always be logged in.
Having multiple colors is great for sketching out options in puzzles, but when a guess fails I find myself carefully clicking all cells of a single color with the eraser. Sometimes I find myself using the "Clear" button and adding back in my knowns as it is easier than erasing the other parts.

It would be nice if we had a way to clear all entered items of only a certain color.

Perhaps another row of buttons a bit further down from the color selection, ones to "Erase all Blue", "Erase all Red", "Erase all Green", etc.
(I wanted to attach a file of a "Highly professional artist rendition of one possible implementation", but the Limit of files to attach is showing as 0. Bonus bug report?)


Love this site, coming up on my 10 year anniversary since joining this April 21st. Thought it was time to put forth a suggestion I long had in mind.
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