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Currently there are no puzzles that have been verified.
I've been busy with other things myself, and I'm not planning to return to verifying puzzles in the near future. Sorry.
I'm afraid it is not possible in the studio to add your own custom rules to puzzles. I didn't know that this puzzle existed, I presume a moderator of this site has added it to this puzzle as a special case.
Something bad happened here. In addition to the problem reported above, this puzzle was a duplicate from one from a week ago: http://www.puzzlepicnic.com/puzzle?6548

I pulled this one.

@HappyDog: Do you mean to place the 1 (in #2205) to a place where it is adjacent to three cells of the puzzle? In that case, isn't it ambiguous whether it means the number of crossings to the left, below or above?

Another possibility is to make the cells in the row with the 1 (in #2205) black, and specify in the rules that numbers point to the row/column of contiguous black&white cells.

(That said, as a judge I don't have the ability to change any puzzles, the only thing I can do is to take a puzzle down and ask the author to change it)
I'm afraid that there are currently no concrete plans of doing that. Sorry...
Yes,I also loved the puzzle magazine Breinbrekers (I'm from the Netherlands), and was sad to see it discontinued.

I'm glad you enjoy your time here!
It is almost universal on this site that the lack of a clue means that the clue could be anything. However, in this genre it might be a bit trickier to see than usual, since not all columns have an available floor/ceiling, so I clarified it in the longer version of the rules (after you click "More Information")
You are right. It should be fixed now, so a new puzzle should appear today/tomorrow.
it's currently 4 stars again.
This has not been done manually.

The difficulty of a puzzle is determined by three things:
* The author's estimate of the difficulty
* The judge's estimate of the difficulty
* The average solving time of the puzzle (solving time is used as a proxy of the difficulty).

This means that depending on the solving time, the difficulty of a puzzle can change a little bit. If the estimates of the author and the judge put the difficulty right on the border of a 3 and 4 stars, then the number of stars can also change a bit.

However, note that the puzzles with the same star difficulty are also sorted by difficulty. So currently it is judged as the hardest 3 star puzzle (and before it probably was the easiest 4 star puzzle).
I had the same feeling when verifying the puzzle. It was a good adventure solving this puzzle. I had to use case analysis a couple of times, but much less than other 5* puzzles I've solved.
It might not be obvious, but the 1x2 box is part of the puzzle!

Congrats on your 450th puzzle anurag.saray!
The issue has been resolved.
I guess for future puzzles one way to make it clearer is to put a "1" below the columns that contain only the head or tail (just to indicate that the head and tail are counted)
Oh, I just saw today that the last couple of days no new puzzles were published. I guess this was because at one point there was only 1 puzzle in the silo (scheduled to be released), and that corrupted the scheduling. I contacted the maintainer to restart the server.
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