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Number: Puzzle #4944
Genre: Alphametic
Author: marred
Appeared at: May 25, 2015
Thanks, this is the only style in which I can build a LITS puzzle
Thank you guys.

I like creating hard puzzles, but for magazines or for championships I do easier puzzles, as well.
So I'm very happy that many different people can enjoy my puzzles
Number: Puzzle #636
Genre: Sudoku
Author: connect4
Appeared at: January 9, 2008

This sudoku was so beautiful. Maybe because it's 11 o'clock and I'm so tired that I'm in a changed mind status.
Nevertheless, the best sudoku I've ever solved

Tom wrote:
Ha- that explains why I thought it looked a bit easy!! 

On the contrary, It seems really hard, because there aren't logical steps

LiefKleinKonijntje wrote:
Thanks Valezius, that was very helpful! Meanwhile I've improved to more or less using your solving method, but when you say "it's easy to see" I typically have to pencil it in using a different color!

Kind regards, LKK 

Okey not easy, but I couldn't find easier step
Without guessing means to me if you have just a pen, can you solve the puzzle?
So this claims many forethinking in your head. And there isn't big difference between quessing or forethinking.

Here is my solving method without details.

R4C2/R4C4 are empty. (In the next rows I wont mark that empty, I will sign if the corresponding square a ship part.)

And now, easy to see the 3-long ship cannot be in 3. column. So
R3C3--ship and R3C6
R3C2--ship and R2C1/R4C1/R3C5/R1C2/R5C2
R3C1--ship and R3C4

I think now you can finish the puzzle alone.

Johan wrote:
"Mathematicians have discovered that a Sudoku puzzle must provide at least 17 starting numbers, or clues, in order to be valid. Any fewer will not produce a unique answer." - http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2012/01/sudoku-mystery-solved.html

The paper can be found here: http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1201/1201.0749v1.pdf 

Wow there are 16-clue sudoku with only 2 solutions. This is very surprising.

Bram28 wrote:
I noticed that in the Numberlink puzzles I've done so far, all squares of the grid are being used. Is this a rule of Numberlink? 

This is an old type, and it was on many WPC. Normally this isn't a rule.
I encountered with this rule in not too good logic newspaper, so I think the WPC organizer's opinion is more relevant for us.

I think it is a totally unnecessary rule. So I'm happy that PuzzlePicnic didn't use this extra rule

Tom wrote:
How can you get that 5 at the top left without the top 1 being either 1,1 or 2? 

Good question

I would like to advertise a little my new puzzle blog.
I was one of the puzzlemakers of 20th WPC, now I would like to share some informations, statistics about this event. And what is the most important you can find puzzles in this site

I agree, it was really nice that I had to think "oh yes, I have to reach this point, and this, and so on.
Number: Puzzle #2988
Genre: Kropki
Author: nyancharov
Appeared at: November 21, 2011

Nice puzzle, I liked it

Bram wrote:
In English they are usually called Four Winds or Eminent Domain. 

One more:
Along the lines (from more WPC)
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