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I also would like the personal genre/solved statistics back.
Number: Puzzle #1706
Genre: Cargoships
Author: Bram
Appeared at: November 1, 2010
Very nice sequence!
Number: Puzzle #1929
Genre: Fillomino
Author: mathgrant
Appeared at: June 25, 2010

Nevermind, i had a situation where several fields changed simultaneously when entering a number with numeric keyboard. But while editing this post I clicked somewhere and now I cannot reproduce it anymore....
I redid this one out of curiousity what you mean.
But I did not to look at the picture to solve it, and have no clue what "the 6 remaining pieces" refers to.
The puzzle is pretty easy.

Please elaborate.
BTW I still have the problem once in a while. (Firefox 3.5.7)
Signing off and clearing domain cookies (with web developer toolbar) works most of the times.
(Sometimes I even need to restart Ff)

Nowadays I always make a screenshot of the confirmed solution. Well, at least with puzzles that took me a while.
That way I can fill it in again real quick, to officially register my solving voor the stats

Bram wrote:
For anyone who wondered why the givens say 56, it indicates the amount of cells left to fill in the grid. 

I had to check the puzzle now to see what you meant. Did not notice it before when I solved it.
Nice touch!
I kept thinking they were also not supposed to be part of a 2x2 area.
And got frustrated by not being able to solve this one.
Eventually "the quarter fell" , I dropped this assumption, and the puzzle got solved.
Number: Puzzle #1368
Genre: LITS
Author: DarkMurad
Appeared at: June 20, 2009

Question: are the black squares supposed to be part of a shape, of merely obstacles with which you have to keep in mind not to form a 2x2 area?
Number: Puzzle #1348
Genre: Staircases
Author: Maarten
Appeared at: May 13, 2009

Congratulations! with this 1000th puzzle.

On to the next 1000.
Never mind. I'm sooo stoooooopid (sometimes )

I forgot the most basic constraint: "such that no two horizontally, vertically or diagonally adjacent cells contain a digit."

I checked and double checked my 'solutions' before deciding to post this. But I didn't check the actual constraints for this puzzle type...
Number: Puzzle #1329
Genre: Grades
Author: connect4
Appeared at: May 8, 2009

I found two solutions, one of them being "correct".
The other merely switches 2 digits column-wise, or row-wise.

Did the judges not see this?
Nice one.
I didn't know the letter combinations also represent strands.

Now all I still have to do is solve it.
Number: Puzzle #1182
Genre: Easy as ABC
Author: Bram
Appeared at: January 28, 2009

I seem not to be able to get a 'D' in square with coordinates (6,3) counted from bottom left corner.
Is it a bug?

'investigation' i.e. solving the puzzle learns that D is incorrect there*, but nevertheless...

*) at least that's what I think now...
So now I don't have to delete cookies anymore.
Working OK so far with Firefox3.

Thanks for the fix!
Isn't that like one giant snake?
Or is the result a complete maze with sidetracks and such? That sounds nice.
After solving the puzzle, one can earn bonus points for solving the maze
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