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Number: Puzzle #3986
Genre: Masyu
Author: valvino
Appeared at: September 5, 2013

Small bug: you cannot place a marking on the edge below the bottom right black ball.
This is not meant as criticism, by the way. I'm just trying to provide some helpful feedback.
The descriptions of the puzzle types are not always as clear as they could be, although one could figure out what is meant from specific puzzles.

For Honey Islands, the term 'region' is used in addition to 'island', to refer to the same concept.

For Yajilin, it could be made clearer that "shaded cells are in that direction" refers to the cells up to the edge of the puzzle, not just up to the next thick line.

Also, I wouldn't count on the term 'orthogonally' (used in several descriptions) to be known to all visitors. And even then, I don't think 'orthogonally adjacent' is a thing.
I see. Thanks for the reply.
Is there a way to change my password?
If there is, perhaps it could be made more obvious, so people won't keep using their weak or compromised passwords. If not... perhaps there should be...
Number: Puzzle #3664
Genre: Skyscrapers
Author: anurag.sahay
Appeared at: April 20, 2013

Bug: You can place 7's in each square, and even an 8 in one (bottom square on the third row). And for some reason, you can't drag a number from another square on that one square either.
The Skyscrapers description contains (in one instance) the text "colum" instead of "column".
(It didn't use to contain this typo, did it?)
I second this request.
Two minor bugs: you can't place a mark on the right side of the top of the two black ball in the bottom right corner, and on the bottom side of the left of the two white balls in the top right corner.
Seconded. I'm currently using Opera's User JavaScript to change the size of the applets.
Ideally, the site would intelligently resize the applet to fit the available space.
Also for other puzzle types.
That's an interesting observation. And an elegant way to deal with puzzles with ranges not starting with 1.
Number: Puzzle #2599
Genre: Sum Thing
Author: anurag.sahay
Appeared at: July 3, 2011

Bug: you can fill in 1 even though the range is 2~10.
I once asked this question before. See this thread: http://www.puzzlepicnic.com/community/posts/list/647.page
Am I the only one who keeps getting confused by the fact that the small end of the triangle points to the largest region in Heterocut?
(The opposite of how the < and > signs work in mathematics.)
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