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Fair enough! Let's see if it shifts again as more people solve it. Maybe it was just my little grey cells having a couple of off-days...
Number: Puzzle #6377
Genre: Skyscrapers
Author: jama
Appeared at: September 4, 2020

This puzzle has been dowgraded from 4-star to 3-star difficulty, but I think that was a mistake. This definitely felt like a 4-star puzzle to me!
Same - and even then, a number of times where I used case analysis I could subsequently see that there was a way to logically work the same thing out, if you knew the threads to pick up.
Number: Puzzle #6361
Genre: Magnets
Author: jama
Appeared at: August 26, 2020

That was a very satisfying puzzle. Definitely worth 5 stars, but the whole thing could be worked out logically without requiring any bifurcation/backtracking (except I used a bit to help me find the useful areas to investigate).

Very good!
You could make an identical puzzle by making the squares in the box uneditable, and setting the range to be 3-6, instead.

However, it is neater to have the whole grid filled, I think.
That's a good idea - I think that would make it unambiguous.

Another way would be to include the other cells in the relevant rows/columns, either as black cells or with a leaf already in them. However, I'm aware this will make the puzzle visually less appealing.
I assume that the snake parts that are outside the grid are included in the totals given for those rows. This fits with my understanding of the rules, but my initial assumption was that they are outside the grid and therefore not counted.

Not sure if this could be made clearer, somehow.
Number: Puzzle #6375
Genre: Snakes
Author: jama
Appeared at: August 18, 2020
I found this one very hard - couldn't see a way through which didn't involve a very large amount of bifurcation and backtracking.

Feels like it should have a 5* difficulty rating.
Number: Puzzle #1428
Genre: Heterocut
Author: anurag.sahay
Appeared at: April 20, 2014
Hurray - and yes, browser still had my solution saved.
Great - I wonder if it could be bumped up the release queue before my solution gets forgotten?
It' uniquely solvable - just looks like a typo in the solution. Hopefully easy to fix.
Nice - works well without the ships.
Great - look forward to playing!
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