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Yes, clever! A different sort of thinking than what you normally have in these puzzles.
Hope you get it sorted - we love your puzzles!
Well, I have now solved this, wholly using the rules defined by Johan, above.

Even after solving it, I still don't understand how this makes a sum (being, as I am, unfamiliar with this method of long division).
Number: Puzzle #6673
Genre: Tents and Trees
Author: jama
Appeared at: July 2, 2021

FYI - There are two more zeros than are actually necessary to solve the puzzle.
What you say is probably true, but it's not very helpful. I think the "start small and fiddle around" approach is where everyone starts, but I think Jama was wondering if there are any more specific approaches that can be taken to construct this type of puzzle.

Personally, I'm not able to offer any specific advice myself - I've never really progressed beyond the "drawing in some shapes and tinkering until it fits" level, but perhaps some of the more experienced authors have some tips that they could offer (for this or any other genre - it's all helpful!).

For example, is it easier to start at the edges and work in, or start in the middle and work outwards? Or does it not really make a difference?
Number: Puzzle #819
Genre: Snakes
Author: Maarten
Appeared at: May 30, 2009

I don't know about anyone else, but I found this puzzle seriously hard! Even with some deductions that massively reduced the problem space [spoiler: with regards to the number of leaves in non-numbered rows and some rules about zones in which those had to go] there was still a large amount of complexity and a fair amount of backtracking/brute-forcing.

Definitely the hardest Snakes puzzle (having now completed them) and possibly one of the hardest on the site!

(Makes me wonder if there's an additional key that I never found...)
I agree - A strict chessboard appears interesting, but as far as I can see it would just be two separate puzzles on the same grid. Having some interplay is much better.
...and really fun to solve, too! Good work, jama!
Number: Puzzle #6625
Genre: Skyscrapers
Author: jama
Appeared at: June 10, 2021

Not started to solve it yet, but love the concept!
Number: Puzzle #6648
Genre: Tents and Trees
Author: jama
Appeared at: May 12, 2021

Interesting puzzle! I think this is the first one of these that I've seen where >>>> it is impossible to uniquely attach the tents to the trees, but where there is still a unique solution for the placement of the tents (which is all the puzzle rules actually require) <<<<

It stumped me for a bit - thought there was an error in the puzzle until I carefully re-read the rules!
Hi Sesquideus,

So glad you're leaving feedback and enjoying the puzzles!

However, please try and leave the original block of info in these posts, as they provide a useful link back to the puzzle you're commenting on.

Kind regards,

- HappyDog
Number: Puzzle #1210
Genre: Sudoku
Author: valvino
Appeared at: February 5, 2009

I'm generally not a fan of Sudokus that use letters, as for some reason I find them harder than numbers (even though they are logically the same... just the way my brain works, I guess!).

However, this was a very satisfying solve - pretty difficult (though partly that's due to the sheer size of it) but always with a clear through route that could be found with a bit of patience - and with some knowledge about some of the techniques that can be used with irregularly-shaped sudokus...
Confirmed (although this doesn't prevent solving).
I have now solved this puzzle, and can confirm that this is, indeed, what it means.
A very satisfying puzzle, that's probably slightly easier than its star rating implies (I have found a lot of the other 4* puzzles a lot harder).

Really nice.
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