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Messages posted by: Johan
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Author Message
Thanks! Fixed.
Thank you!
I'm very proud that Donald Knuth mentioned me (referencing this puzzle) in his Annual Christmas Lecture at Stanford University this year. (from 58:09 to 59:10)

Thanks everyone!
I was able to get the studio to work in Ubuntu on Firefox after installing the icedtea plugin. I actually did this in Windows in a VirtualBox.

sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin

(then restart firefox)

A lot of confirmation dialogs, but it works.
For this Valentine's Day I made a video in which I solve this puzzle step by step (largely based on the original post).


Apologies for the rather poor sound quality. A combination of a poor microphone, my Dutch accent and my new braces. It does have subtitles though.
Thierry has restarted the server and it seems to be more responsive now.

We could use some more puzzles to keep up with the regular pace of one puzzle released per day. So, to aspiring puzzle makers: This is the time to make your mark. Me personally, I have been busy with a few other projects recently, but I'll be back, of course.
Thank you!

ruluhulu wrote:
I'm missing the added value of the letters here. They don't make a sentence or anything. It only makes the puzzle more annoying. It's so much more to check which letters you are missing in a certain region. 
There is a sentence though. It has 47 letters.

Sesquideus wrote:
I have found something, but it does not make much sense yet. Spoiler, maybe...?  
Sure: Focus on what you were thinking.
Thank you!

edderiofer wrote:
Retracted the unpublished ones. I assume I'll be retracting the published ones when you're done with those? 
Thanks! I have updated those. If you could retract the published ones around the same time tomorrow, that would be great.
I like that suggestion. If one of the judges could retract them (since it involves re-entering and re-checking the solution), I will adjust them. Let's start with just the unpublished ones.
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