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How do I change password on this site, or do I simply have to create another account and start over?
In the rules section, it says:

All puzzles must be original contributions. Submissions may not be copies of puzzles published elsewhere. If we find that you've copied a puzzle from elsewhere, we will remove it and take action to prevent against further infringement.

Does it apply if it is your own? For example, say I create a puzzle for my blog, can I put it up here as well?
Number: Puzzle #3866
Genre: Mosaic
Author: fl0rrat
Appeared at: February 11, 2013
Even if there is bias with user feedback, the puzzle difficulty is at least positively correlated with the rating, for a given user, so we don't need a huge data set to make it work.
Indeed, I still do not see how to logically reason it out, without any trial and error.
I second Tapa. It's a nice puzzle type.
Among some of the things I noticed (for puzzles on this site in general):
mathgrant's puzzle style is relatively close to Nikoli's, while I can't figure out Bram/Johan's styles at all, and often resulted in branch and bound. As Nikoli's methods are usually based on certain rules you can figure out, they tend to be a bit easier. In fact, I tend to mentally decrease the # of stars by 1 if the puzzle is by mathgrant. (not to say they are not enjoyable, but the rules used tend not to be as messy, and besides I know Nikoli's style relatively well, except for their nastiest puzzles)

If anything, I say a ranking system by user would be useful.
I am having the same problem in firefox 3.5.
If you mean by placing 1 of each 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 on a 9x9 square, then asking whether there is a box which we put any of 1,...,9 and complete it in a sudoku fashion, then it is pretty easy to disprove. The solution is

Put 123 on the first row, 456 on the second row, both in the top left box. Put 78 on the third row, top middle box. Now you cannot satisfy it no matter what, without even caring about the 1,...9.
It would be interesting, if someone designs a puzzle that uses unique solution as the main key for solving it. Can it be done, I wonder?
Personally, I use uniqueness as a second last resort. The very last resort being guessing and checking whether a guess leads to a contradiction (ie. use of colours). However, for some puzzles, I needed to use both a lot......
Is there any particular reason for checking the islands instead of the rivers? AFAIK Nikoli does the latter, and I think that makes more sense for puzzle solving wise.
I had that problem once in a while too (though I am using XP). Clearing the cache/cookies/history fixes it.
I say eraser behind the pencil (as in the ones on the head of the pencil) is definitely a bad idea, as it is way too easy to misclick. I rather have something like a mini erasers beside the pencils, but sufficiently spaced from them.
I think showing unsolved puzzles instead of all puzzles by default when using the search makes more sense, as I think most people are not interested in what they have already solved, but are more interested in what is still out there.
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