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Number: Puzzle #1155
Genre: Masyu
Author: mathgrant
Appeared at: December 22, 2008

I really like this genre never seen it before...

I don't have as much puzzling time as I used to, so don't worry if you don't get to it...

I was mostly curious if anyone has heard of it, bcz here in the US it's become pretty popular.

Number: Puzzle #1140
Genre: Penta
Author: Maarten
Appeared at: December 4, 2008

Can the pieces be rotated AND reflected? Or just one or the other?
Penta is a nice new genre. I thought it would be helpful to be able to cross off pieces as we use them, just like we can do in battleship.

Also, I'm surprised I have not gotten any response about KenKen. Have any of the owners or puzzlemakers on this site heard of it?

Thanks for this fun puzzle site.

Number: Puzzle #988
Genre: Easy as ABC
Author: Maarten
Appeared at: November 22, 2008

interesting twist.
Has anyone tried KENKEN yet? It's lots of fun!

I'm curious to hear if folks like it.

Number: Puzzle #1101
Genre: Snakes
Author: zulio
Appeared at: October 18, 2008

Without being given dimensions of the snake(s), this seems to be much more challenging than a 2-star!
I just discovered KENKEN. It is similar to sudoku but with some simple math involved (as in kakuro). I find it very enjoyable to solve.

explanation and a few puzzles can be found at:

Your English is perfect.

I had to study the diagram to understand, now it makes sense to me! I hadn't realized cogs have to connect at midpoint of sides in order to be connected. This will help me with other puzzles.

Thanks so much for taking time to explain it!

Number: Puzzle #81
Genre: Cogwheels
Author: Maarten
Appeared at: January 10, 2007

It seems to me there is another correct solution to this puzzle.

In 6th row, move gear from column 2 to column 3.
In 8th row, move gear from column 3 to column 2.

All gears remain attached and not overlapping and number requirements are fulfilled.

Is this correct or is there something I am not seeing

Number: Puzzle #681
Genre: Neighbours
Author: zulio
Appeared at: January 22, 2008

very cool
I agree that change in wording helps, bcz it seemed that only one of each digit was allowed in a specific area. And with only 6 digits and 12 squares that would have been impossible.

Number: Puzzle #898
Genre: Sudoku
Author: valvino
Appeared at: June 30, 2008

I think the vertical line down the middle needs to be thicker. Otherwise we cannot know what are the two distinct areas in the middle section of the puzzle. (unless that's part of the challenge?)

As you mentioned in info, this is similar to minesweeper, but this is better bcz you don't need to guess and also that you don't get bombed, but can think logically till you figure it all out.
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