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Aaaah! Thank-you, and my apologies.
There at least 2 solutions for this one.
My step length sequence (starting TL corner) is: 8,1,4,2,2,1,2 with the rest of the path matching the expected solution.

Number: Puzzle #1684
Genre: Arroway
Author: Maarten
Appeared at: January 20, 2011
2/3 in col 1 are doglegs. 2 in last col is vertical. Everything else horizontal.
Multiple solutions.
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Comment removed. I hadn't noticed the corner units were part of the puzzle!
Number: Puzzle #2897
Genre: Staircases
Author: nyancharov
Appeared at: August 28, 2011
I triple-checked as well... oh never mind, it looks right now.

If you're looking for me, I'm hiding in the big hole I just dug!
Ok, had another look - The I/L/T block in the left 2 columns doesn't connect with the rest of the area (in the given solution), which contradicts the rules, doesn't it?
I take that all back...

I've just noticed that the coloured regions must all connect by horizontally touching another region...

Nice to try new format puzzles - thanks for creating these LITS puzzles.

On this particular one, there appears to be multiple solutions, unless I've misunderstood the rules.

eg, the 'L' on the right (centre) could be an 'I'.
I also have my 'L' and 'S' arranged differently in the centre of the board.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to have multiple solutions, but it would be nice if the solver could recognise if the rules had been followed or not, then possibly flag the puzzle as having known multiple solutions if this differs from the expected answer.

Alan (UK)
Number: Puzzle #1216
Genre: LITS
Author: mathgrant
Appeared at: February 9, 2009
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