A blizzard has struck the Winter Olympic Games, burying the slalom track in snow, and you must now reconstruct the path the skiers must take, based only on the positioning and order of the gates.

Draw a single, closed, non-intersecting loop in the diagram which visits every cell at most once. The gray lines in the diagram are gates, and the loop intersects all the gates in exactly one cell. Numbered gates must be passed through in order, starting from the circled number (which also indicates how many gates there are). For example, if a gate is numbered with a "3", it must be the third gate passed through by the loop. Black cells may not be passed by the loop.


Consider the circled number 4. It can only be passed through in one way, so we already know two line segments. One of them goes downwards into a gate, so it must pass straight through without turning. This means that the other cell in the gate cannot be used, and neither can the cell below it (as that would require the loop to turn in a gate, which is not allowed). We can now immediately draw in the lines across the remaining gates. Simple loop logic will then complete the puzzle.


This genre is a Nikoli original. It is not to be confused with Slant, which is sometimes also called Slalom.

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