How do I design a puzzle?

We split this process of designing a puzzle into 5 steps. Most of the information you need is described in detail on the actual design pages, but we will elaborate some more here on the second step. The step where you do the actual designing of your puzzle.

When the area where you can design a puzzle has appeared on your screen, you will first have to click it once with the left mouse button, to tell it that you want to use it. Places where you can fill something in (a line, a square, a boat, all depending on the genre), will now light up yellow when your mouse hovers over them. The black pen on the right is used to draw the design elements of your puzzle. Much like the pencils do in solving puzzles, it will let you circle through the available elements when clicking with your left mouse button, or using your mousewheel if you have one. Sometimes there are also keys that you can press as shortcuts. Those are not documented, but feel free to figure out what they are if it makes your life easier.

When you are satisfied, then first click on "Update" so that some code appears in the box below. In case you make any alterations to your puzzle after that, click on "Update" again. Click on the arrow in the lower right to move on to the next step. If during any of the next steps you discover you made a mistake, you can use the "Back"-button of your browser or one of the encircled digits on top of the page.
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